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Yellow weekly retrospective minutes: July 13


= Project Report =


 * Parallel tests are running very well this week, with 37 successful
runs in a row so far...even though we haven't changed anything.
 * The parallel testing machines in the data center will reportedly be
ready for us next week.
 * The lpsetup code's refactoring is again at a usable milestone, and we
are ready to test a new package of the code.
 * The lpsetup code has its first integration test, thanks to Juju.
 * In the upcoming week we intend to add more integration tests and more
developer-friendly features for lpsetup.
 * gmb will be leaving us to start his own squad on our team!  In
related news, we're hiring.

= Tricks =


 * benji/gary_poster: Different ways to keep Juju from forcing you to
repeatedly accept SSH keys

= Topics =


 * benji: Juju-based integration tests are a success for incremental value
 * bac/gary_poster: Is it ever OK to knowingly check in broken code?
 * gary_poster: Not meeting our weekly goals