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Yellow Squad Weekly Retrospective: August 17


Project report (Laura, this is the best link to use, thank you :-) ):




Project report summary:

 * We're still hiring for openings in a very cool Python & cloud
position, so please apply soon if you are interested!
 * frankban landed a gigantic lpsetup branch to simplify code flow per
discussions we've had lately in the squad (see last week's "topics"
discussion about OO vs. functions, etc.).
 * benji and gary_poster interviewed a lot.
 * bac identified and worked on final changes before we ask for user
acceptance for lpsetup. In particular, we are trying to get rid of the
finish-init-target command and we are trying to clean up the top-level
help text.
 * benji may have fixed bug 1030148 (and now needs to integrate the fix
into Launchpad).
 * gary_poster managed to run parallel tests a few times. The basics are
still working. The three pre-existing bugs are still there. We now also
have subunit bug 1038250 and probable test interaction bug 1038253.

Topics summary:

 * bac/gary_poster: re-reconsidering required pre-implementation calls
 * gary_poster: postpone reviewing the collaboration feedback experiment?