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Re: visibility vs. information_type for Products


On 09/18/2012 01:02 PM, Aaron Bentley wrote:
>> Not so, the blueprint can be edited to remove the personal
>> information about a user.
> This is also true of bugs.  We commonly file apprort bugs as private
> (user) and then clean them up later, so I don't see how it
> demonstrates that a blueprint *cannot* contain private user data.
> Maybe the distinction you see is that some bugs *must* contain user data?

While we can hide comment (make the USERDATA) to make a bug public, we
cannot make parts of the bug active or comment zero USERDATA. So it is
not like blueprints.

[aside] Purple added bug task deletion as a means to remove unwanted
access to a bug. Maybe we want to support blueprint deletion too.

Apport is a nightmare. The Ubuntu community is using Lp as a crash
database, then marking user bugs to be duplicates of bugs the user
cannot see. The UI warns that this should not be done. Apport needs

Curtis Hovey

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