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combo loader for all progress report, qastaging is 'testing' caching


Yesterday Matthew from webops and I tested out implementing squid caching
our of combo loaded JS files coming out of the wsgi combo loader
application. This is currently enabled on qastaging and running until
Monday. Please take note if you notice any oddities.

We think the worst case situation is a cache miss, but we did find a few
bugs in testing the config yesterday that needed correction.

The current plan is to enable this same caching on production Monday
15:00UTC. This should provide a noticeable improvement to combo load
requests for all users, which is currently the beta testers.

If there are no issues, we plan to enable the combo loader and YUI 3.5.1
for all users (since 3.5.1 relies on the combo loader) next week.

If you've hit any issues with anything please speak up now so we can get
things corrected asap.

Thanks for the patience and help in driving this work all the way through
from our sprint back in January.


Rick Harding

Launchpad Developer