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YUI combo loader and 3.5.1 enabled for all LP users


Today, with the help of Matthew, we've enabled squid caching on production
for all combo loader served urls. This means all the JS files should be
combo loaded and then cached for the rest of their lifetimes or the cache's
ability to hold onto things.

With this change in effect we've enabled the combo loader for all users of
launchpad by the feature flag. While we're at it, we've also enabled the
feature flag for all users to get YUI 3.5.1.

The final step is to change the Makefile and our build process to defualt
the symlink in /build/js/yui to point to yui-3.5.1 vs yui-3.3.0. I tried
this out, but I got back JS timeouts from a handful of tests in buildbot so
I'm working these out currently.

Functionally, all seems well and once I can get buidbot happy all JS test
runs will be against YUI 3.5.1.

This starts to bring to a close the work we began in Budapest and I want to
toss out a ton of thanks to Deryck, Ian, and Steve for helping out from the
start and helping us see the change through. Hopefully, this means a
noticeable improvement to us on the JS front.

This also means that we might just be able to go from 3.5.1 to 3.7.1 in a
week worth of work vs the months it's taken to get this far.

As always, if there are any issues please let me know asap. We've had this
running in the beta testers groups for months and I don't expect any
surprises though.


Rick Harding

Launchpad Developer

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