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Re: Removing Mercurial imports


Am Thursday, den 27.09.2012, 12:45 +0100 schrieb Matthew Revell:
> Some time ago we agreed to remove Mercurial imports from Launchpad
> because they were not of a standard that we want and they were in
> relatively low use.
> Our Canonical stakeholders gave no feedback when I emailed them to say
> we would like to remove Mercurial imports. Also, the few imports that
> we have seems to be fairly low traffic or dead.
> Today I'll email the owners and subscribers of the Mercurial imports
> we have to tell them that imports will cease on or after October 5th.
> Curtis, could Purple please remove the Mercurial imports code after
> that date? I've CCd Jelmer as he may be able to offer some bzr-hg
> insight.
There is a branch that removes the mercurial imports here:


It's fairly old so it might need some further tweaks.



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