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Private Projects checkpoing notes - 2012-09-26


Better Privacy check-point 2012-09-26


 * OEM/HWE still migrating en masse to Sharing
 * Private blueprints are in beta
 * On track for Oct 8th private project milestone

Manage sharing

 * OEM/HWE still need some weeks to finish migration.

Blueprints privacy

  * We are in beta.
  * Danilo filed some bugs. All known issues.
      * Good news is that Linaro is anxious to use this feature.
  * Issues in progress:
      * Privacy banner issues
      * Get the sprints blueprints query sorted out
  * Think not a lot of users have tried the feature yet.
  * No exploratory testing on blueprints yet.
      * Postponed until after final freeze and will be bundled with
        exploratory testing of the alpha private projects feature.

Private projects

  * Next milestone is Oct 8th.

  * The UI is mostly done.

  * DB patches in the wings.

  * Work on the security adapters is starting.

  * Matthew will put Nick in contact with Deryck to discuss required
    changes to the help wiki.

Francis J. Lacoste

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