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Private project checkpoint meeting notes - 2012-10-10


Better Privacy check-point 2012-10-10


 * All projects are now converted to the sharing model and branches
   removing the legacy code will land shortly.
 * Alpha release of private projects will only be enabled on qastaging.
 * Beta availability on production still scheduled for Oct 22nd.

Manage sharing

 * OEM migration was completed.
 * Last remaining project was migrated (talking with PS project manager
   to complete)
 * Branches ready to remove legacy code (branch visibility policy,
   private bugs by default)
 * ~15 small bugs to fix related to expectation that both code path can
 * still be active. ~2 weeks to fix those.

Blueprints privacy

  * Still in beta.
  * Will be released at the same time than private projects: Nov 17th.

Private projects

  * Alpha milestone reached.
  * Keeping feature flag activation on qastaging because private
    projects data has a hight risk of breaking some workflows for a lot
    of people.
  * Tomorrow, will activate the feature flag on qastaging.
    * Deryck will publish a blog inviting people who want to have a peek
      at it on qastaging.
  * Alpha contains the ability to create private projects.
  * Working to update all the queries involving products to filter out
    projects to which the user don't have access.
  * Goal for beta (Oct 22nd) get most of the experience working, so that
    private projects won't break the most important workflows.

Francis J. Lacoste

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