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Disclosure and private projects checkpoint meeting notes: 2012-11-07


Better Privacy check-point 2012-11-07


 * Manage sharing was released earlier this week.
 * Private projects were released in beta Oct 25th
 * Private projects should complete Dec 3rd

Manage sharing

 * Sharing is now out of beta. Woohoo!

Blueprints privacy

  * Still in beta.
  * Worked with Danilo and Linaro to help them to use private
  * Will be released at the same time than private projects.

Private projects

  * Went live with beta on Oct 25th.
  * Besides Marc Tardif locking himself out of his project, no real fall

      * Will disallow proprietary projects to have public access policy
        to prevent this and other corner cases in the future.

  * Remaining work:

     * a handful of bug fixes
     * 7 cards related to adding filters to existing queries.
     * 7 cards related to UI polish (privacy banner, doc and text
       updates, etc.)
     * a handful of nice-to-have cards.

  * Given the Copenhagen sprint, pushing GA to Dec 3rd back.

Francis J. Lacoste

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