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Headless Launchpadlib authentication


Hi folks,

I've been working to write a Juju charm for Tarmac [1], and whilst most of it is absurdly simple (hurrah!) there's one problem that I can't think of a way around, namely authentication against Launchpad.

Normally this happens the first time you run `tarmac merge`, which is fine. But including that in a charm's workflow seems a bit ridiculous:

 $ juju deploy tarmac
 $ juju ssh tarmac/0
 $ tarmac merge


Really I should only have to `juju deploy tarmac` and then everything would be good.

So, is there another way that I can do the launchpadlib auth dance? Should I pass in a key to the charm as a config option (that feels dirty but it might work…). 

This is a slack time project, hence me throwing the question over the wall like this, but thoughts are appreciated.



 [1] http://launchpad.net/tarmac

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