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Private project checkpoint meeting notes - 2012-11-21


Private projects check-point 2012-11-21


 * Private blueprints are seeing widening usage.
 * Polish of private projects is going well and should be completed for
   Dec 3rd.

Blueprints privacy

  * Linaro joined Launchpad beta testers and are using private
  * CDO is also going to use private blueprints to track the private
    parts of the Raring cycle.

Private projects

  * 14 cards remaining for Dec 3rd.
  * Most of it is very easy stuff (really minor trivial fixes).
  * Highest risk items
      * Need to investigate the series timeline security check (their
        might be some unknown remaining work lurking in there)
      * Lot of minor DB changes that takes time to do.
  * Diogo will do exploratory testing for private projects this week.
      * Known issues are tagged with private-projects_.

.. _private-projects:

Francis J. Lacoste

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