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Privacy project checkpoint meeting notes - 2012-12-05


Better Privacy check-point 2012-12-05


 * Released private projects and blueprints for general available
 * John and Abel are cleaning the few remaining bugs.

Blueprints privacy
  * Release to general public on Monday.
  * One remaining bug to fix:
    * #1086876: Making sure that important roles automatically get
      subscribed to private blueprint.
    * Abel will take care of it before the end of this week.

Private projects

 * Released private projects for general availability Monday.

 * Aaron and Rick are starting the next project, while John and Abel
   are finishing the in-progress bugs.

 * Need a fastdowntime to deploy a few additional DB constraints.

 * 3 smaller bugs in progress
 * 1 other bug remaining for this week
    * #1086002: Preventing proprietary projects from making releases.

 * Deryck will coordinate with Laura to announce it internally (as not
   many Canonical folks read the Launchpad blog!)
    * Google Plus
    * warthogs
 * Will remove feature flags later in December.

Francis J. Lacoste

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