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Juju GUI: Retrospective meeting catch-up


Hi all.

I've been just a teeny tiny bit behind on my retrospective meeting notes.  I finally got out a quick catch-up post of the recent decisions and discussions we've had.  Hopefully we can get back to the project status summaries as well now, and make these a bit shorter and easily digestible.

For now, though, here's what I've got.


Here are headings, in case they help you decide whether you want to click through.

gary_poster: Keep Us Out of the Weeds
gary_poster: Kanban Cards Taking Too Long To Complete
bcsaller: Make a charm panel API?
benji: Should we change our object literal style?
gary_poster: How is the design team's kanban workflow going?
gary_poster: We should document charm-writing best practices
gary_poster: Please, everyone, review the design team integration document
bcsaller: Don't prevent landing if you don't conform to our desired doc guidelines
benji: Makefile tweaks
gary_poster: a new style of mixing mocha tests with YUI 3
benji: static serving vs. pretty URLs
bac: Landing your code should include ensuring it works on staging.
bac: Please link cards to Rietveld
gary_poster: Two-person reviews: how are we doing?
gary_poster: No yuidoc @function
bac: LESS and string interpretation
benji: vertical whitespace
bac: Improve specs/assets from designers
Makyo: Simulating click events when location is important

Finally, if you've read this far, that might mean you really care about the Juju GUI project!  If so, we listen to the normal Juju list for user comments (subscribe at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/juju), and dev discussion should be on juju-gui@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (subscribe at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/juju-gui).