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Re: Problem using Launchpad API to retrieve the authenticated user


I'm certain it's the access token, because I've got print statements all
over the place that confirm this. I'll go back over the authorisation stage
with a finer tooth comb than I've thus far been using.

Thanks a lot for helping me with this, and I'll let you know how it goes.

On 14 March 2013 08:19, William Grant <william.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 14/03/13 18:58, Chris Wilson wrote:
> > The body says "Unknown access token (wTp5QZc8v8NFV4S7hhnx)" when I send
> > this request
> >
> > Authorization = "OAuth
> > realm=\"https://api.staging.launchpad.net/\
> ",oauth_consumer_key=\"Notgary-Orbiter-iPhone-UnderDevelopment\",oauth_token=\"wTp5QZc8v8NFV4S7hhnx\",oauth_signature_method=\"PLAINTEXT\",oauth_signature=\"%26rvgcgs2ktfrRfGmpQqPzq9GPxBCkWkQzmrN7dTHSff00jgJn8rtlGRwbLvk38fldMkDfXX0lGJlppn1h\",oauth_timestamp=\"1363247774\",oauth_nonce=\"80cCcpPKGrmvaD5Ynra9LtGcpzwRtphK\",oauth_version=\"1.0\"";
> >
> > Again, OAuth credentials have since been revoked.
> Are you sure that's not the request token, and that you actually
> authorised it in your web browser? Check that it matches the value you
> get back from the +access-token.