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Re: Archive management plans for phone RTM


Ted Gould [2014-06-09  8:02 -0500]:
> I know that Apport has some checks to see if packages are in the archive
> or not, and treat them differently based on that. Will this effect
> Apport adversely? If so, can we make sure to have a work item to train
> Apport to handle the derived distributions intelligently?

Apport itself has known this for quite a long time, as we are using it
for the Firefox and kernel test PPAs. Any package (in this case it
might even be apport itself, or an additional file in the image build)
just needs to ship a file like /etc/apport/native-origins.d/firefox.

For a particular package, the precise origin can be determined with

  $ python3 -c 'import apt; print(apt.Cache()["firefox"].candidate.origins)'

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