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Re: Problem with user "librarian"


On 24/09/15 18:56, Michael . wrote:
> I have noticed that many things about LP see to be aged but when that is
> what is available it is what people will use.
> Anyway, below is a copy of the output from a new setup
> michael@michael-RV411-RV511-E3511-S3511-RV711:~/launchpad/lp-branches/devel$
> ./utilities/launchpad-database-setup michael
> <snip>
>  * Starting PostgreSQL 9.3 database
> server                                                                                              
> [ OK ]
> Waiting 10 seconds for postgresql to come up...
> Creating postgresql user $

That's a bit suspicious; it should say "Creating postgresql user
michael". Can you paste the full output of launchpad-database-setup? Is
your /bin/sh a symlink to a shell other than dash or bash?


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