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Contributing code to libsmi


Good evening, list members


I have code to contribute to the libsmi library. During the development of
one of IEEE 802.3.1 standard revisions, a need for the configurable control
of the line width became apparent to reprint existing MIBs into a line-width
controlled format (via smidump). The parameter controlling the line width is
hard coded right now so I have extended the existing parameter set with -w
(--width) parametrization, which allows to set the line width for multiline
printing function. I also had to rewrite the multiline printing function to
properly account for whole word delimiters to provide a more visually
acceptable output. 


I have modified code available for review (there are in total 5-6 files I
had to touch). The code is written in C and compiled on Ubuntu 22.04 with
all latest libraries for test purposes. 


I would like to submit it for consideration, but despite reading about the
process for a few hours, I do not seem to be able to figure out how to
create a pull request / where to submit a code. 


Any pointers would be really appreciated. I know the code extension will be
really usable. 





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