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[Bug 288846] Re: No link to help.launchpad.net from launchpad.net


Matthew Paul Thomas wrote on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/292337:
> Please report bugs about specific pages where you didn't understand what to do from what was on the page. 

Very well.  *On this page here*, I do not understand the following:

o What does the status "Invalid" mean?   This was my original reason for looking for help.
  Meanwhile I've used a search engine to find the answer, so don't answer, 
  just add link to http://news.launchpad.net/general/of-bugs-and-statuses beside the Status selection list.

o When I do not understand something, where do I look for help?
  The only help-related link visible to me is hidden in the lower left corner.
  The link states that it leads to information on how I can help to improve Launchpad.
  However, I am looking for help on how to use it, which is something completely different.

> Just linking to help.launchpad.net from every page would lose your

Ah, you have context-related help available?  How do I find it?

> (you'd be presented with help for everything, rather than just the
task you were interested in);

My order of preference is:
o Context-relevant help
o Help portal
o You are here: No easy-to-find Help (alias "use a search engine")

No link to help.launchpad.net from launchpad.net
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