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Re: Shall I translate titles of some Ubuntu services?


2010/10/30 Alexander GamePad <gamepad64@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello. I translate Canonical SSO provider (
> https://translations.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider ) into
> Russian language and there is a question:
> Shall I translate titles of these services into Russian like that:
> Launchpad Login Service -> Служба авторизации Launchpad
> Ubuntu Single Sign On -> Единая учётная запись Ubuntu
> Or are these titles sort of.. trademarks and are denied to translate?
> Translated versions will be more understandeable by Russian users.

We just had a similar discussion in our team.  This is a 'descriptive
title' which conveys information aside from just being a title.  These
we translate.  A title which is not descriptive, such as Synaptic,
Firefox or Baobab we wouldn't translate (Baobab also has the
descriptive name 'disk usage analyser' which we would translate).
Semi-descriptive names like gedit and nethack we don't translate.  But
there are always grey areas where you aren't sure.

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