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badges and point notifications



Those of you who have contributed to Stack Exchange sites like
askubuntu.com or stackoverflow.com may have noticed how little things
like badges and notifications when new points unlock new
functionalities bring users back and provide an incentive by
themselves to contribute. This is similar to the "need" to finish a
game level even though it's 3AM and you have to go work in the

Launchpad has something of this kind: the karma counter, but this is a
static, silent mechanism and does not engage the user as much, whereas
SE sites make sure to notify the user and congratulate him a lot for
the first contributions, phasing them out as the user receives more
and more points for more and more contributions.

In Launchpad translations users could get badges for:
* first 1 translation suggestion
* first 10 translation suggestions
* first 1 accepted translation suggestion
* first 10 accepted translation suggestions
* completing 10% of a packages's translation
* completing a packages's translation
* rewriting 10 old translations
* being accepted in the QA team for a language
* etc.

This is not Launchpad Translations specific and can be implemented for
Launchpad Bugs and other submodules.

Any thoughts on this?

..: Lucian

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