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Hi all,

I am happy to present the new Launchpad team for Dutch translators:
We already have one pending member, and when 'Ubuntu Dutch Translators'
has a new owner this team will become a subteam of Launchpad Dutch
Translations, so that we will have a small community to start with.
Needless to say the focus of this team will not be on Ubuntu, but on
other open projects in Launchpad.

This is my first email to this list, and I already have a question
prepared: How should we decide which programs to translate. In the
'translation' tab of the team page there is a list of programs that have
suggestions that need reviewing, but there are no programs marked as
'still needs new translations'. I know that for Ubuntu there is a
certain preferred order in which one should translate programs, based on
their popularity. Is there such a list for all projects in Launchpad
which we could use to determine our priority’s?

Thanks for your time!


Ubuntu Dutch Translators
Launchpad Dutch Translators

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