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Re: bzr ready for translations



I noticed that many strings use multiple lines in this translation.
I suppose this is because you need to wrap to 80 chars max.

Rosetta is not very convenient in this case, because:

- No char counter or "auto-wrapping"
- No monospaced font, so the translation may be to big even if it seems
smaller than the original

So, about bzr or it's components, does it use some kind of "clever"
string formatting (ie. not splitting a word between 2 lines) or should
translators be very careful about this in this whole translation?

Of course, the best would be to have Rosetta taking care of this, for
example by providing an option to mark some strings or a whole
translation as being displayed on a terminal and so to auto-wrap lines
to 80 chars.
A post-processing script on exported translations may also work.