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LiVES release 1.4.8 [and a call out to Chinese translators]


Hi all,
first of all some apologies regarding the timing of the last release - I
put out a call for translations, and then was forced to make some last
minute updates and fixes, which left a few things untranslated in the 1.4.7

This time I have decided to wait a week before releasing version 1.4.8 to
give the translators a better chance to catch up.

So please take this chance again to bring the translations up to date.

Please note that some of the most basic menu entries have been changed to
make them clearer - so this will be an important update for your users.

In addition, according to the LiVES site, there are now *more hits from
China than from any other country* ! So Chinese translators, maybe it would
be good to work on the LiVES Traditional and Simplified Chinese
translations ?
Simplified Chinese is already about half completed.


Thanks again to all of the LiVES translators for your continuing hard work !