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Re: freeze for LiVES 1.6.0


2012/1/7 salsaman <salsaman@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi translators,
> I have frozen (barring emergency changes) the messgaes for the
> upcoming LiVES 1.6.0 release (planned for 14 January).
> In particular for this release it is important to have all messages translated:
> - there are new startup and upgrade messages, which are the first
> messages that users will see
> - there are new warnings about low diskspace and disk failures - it is
> important that users understand them so they can take appropriate
> action
> - installation messages have been updated to make them clearer in some cases
> - this is the start of a new series (1.6.x) and a lot of code has been
> re-written. All users of 1.4.x and 1.3.x will be encouraged to
> upgrade.
> - the localised name for "LiVES" has been added, so this can be
> translated into the local character set
> If short on time, please translate at least the messages in dialogs.c
> and startup.c
> Regards,
> Salsaman.


Thank you for this new version.

Can you fix two minor typos in messages?

Please send a patch if youi know how to do this.

should be "you know"

Unable to connect to pulse audio server
Unable to connect to pulse audio server.

It would be nice to have just one message (with or without period at the end).

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,

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