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Re: qshutdown release coming soon (1.6.4)


Am 21.03.2012 20:44, schrieb Nicolas Delvaux:
Hi Christian,

Le 21/03/2012 18:54, Christian Metscher a écrit :
Hi Nicolas,

as you might have noticed I updated the .pot file.
You can now download the qshutdown-fr.po file and create a
.ts file from it (package: translate-toolkit;
command: "po2ts qshutdown-fr.po qshutdown-fr.ts").
The current version of qshutdown is in the package shutdown-qapps,
which you can get with "git clone https://github.com/hakaishi/shutdown-qapps";
Copy the created .ts file into shutdown-qapps/qshutdown/src/translations/.
For build instructions see the README file. Note that qshutdown will
look for translation files (.qm) at /usr/share/qshutdown/translations/.

Thanks, I will have a look before the end of the week.

As a side note, you should agree that this is not really a straightforward
process. ;)
This is not a big problem for me, but keep in mind that all translators are not
developers. And that Launchpad-translators have to take care of hundred of other

Launchpad makes it easy to edit translations. But, to unsure quality,
translations have to be tested in "real life" in order to spot fuzzy things

In a nutshell, the easier it is for translators to test their work, the better
translations are.

I'm CC-ing the mailing-list because this "reminder" may interest some other devs

Ahhh! Looks like I forgot to mention that the .ts file needs to be registered in the qshutdown.pro before build (even before executing "qmake", so that the .qm file will be created).

It's actually not much harder than a normal package. You just need to convert the .po file, edit the qshutdown.pro, execute "qmake" and the rest is like any average Package (all dependencies need to be installed and then build it).

If you by chance have qshutdown installed and don't want to overwrite it, you can make it like me: "qmake && make && bin/qshutdown" (if you don't want to install it). But because of the .qm file it's rather "qmake && make && sudo cp src/translations/qshutdown-de.qm /usr/share/qshutdown/translations/ && bin/qshutdown". Of course the directory has to exist for that (sudo mkdir /usr/share/qshutdown/translations/)

It would be much easier if you install it: "qmake && make && sudo make install" (deinstall: "sudo make deinstall".) It's just like I wrote in the README.
You could also create a .deb file (e.g. using debuild)...

Kind regards and happy translating,
 Christian Metscher

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