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Re: qshutdown release coming soon (1.6.4)


Hi launchpad translators,

sorry for all the spam I caused. *how-embarrassing*
I just uploaded qshutdown to the git repository with all
the translations that are registered for the .pot template.

Now everyone can simply check and enter their strings
directly into the .ts files (with linguist-qt4 (qt4-dev-tools
package)). For some languages there are punctuation mark
issues and similar. If it's okay as it is then just let it be.
Using ts2po one can easily create the .po file and upload it to
With this, building qshutdown to test the translations will be
much easier. I removed all "wanna-be-empty-strings" so that
the fallback to English will be displayed, if there is no
translation (that was quite some work!).

Please note that I merged the two split strings no. 110 and 111
and also fixed the typos in string no. 142. Later I will save all
suggested and finished stings, upload a new .pot file and reenter
all of them.

Finished languages are: Asturian, English (GB), French, German,
Still a few missing strings (less than 50) can be found in:
Esperanto(45), Hebrew(1), Italian(11), Japanese(33), Malay(2),
Spanish(44), Uyghur(2) and Uzbek(3).