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Re: qshutdown release coming soon (1.6.4)


Am 24.03.2012 15:25, schrieb Nicolas Delvaux:
Hi Christian,

The French translation is (nearly) done.
(the .po is in the import queue)

Here are some tips for the next release...

- When you ask translators to translate an app, the relative app should be in a
kind of "string freeze". You should not change the .pot, except to fix typos.
This is to prevent translators to go mad when they notice that what they
translated yesterday no longer exist.

- You should avoid at any cost this kind of strings:

Because, you know what? There is (at least) a typo in it.
"configurationfile" should be "configuration file".
So, when you will correct this, translations of this whole and huge string will
be invalidated for all languages. I hope you see the problem...
(that's why I did not translate this string yet)

- Some strings are strange. For example:

Why couldn't you just use something like
"The file "%s" is not writeable"
(but, please, don't change it now. These kind of changes should be for the next
release, see my first point)

- I don't know if this is qshutdown-specific, but nothing is displayed when a
string is not translated. I mean, usually the English string is used when the
translation is not available. This is not the case in qshutdown: a blank is
displayed. So, because of this, you can't include nearly-done translations.
So there is a bug somewhere here...

About qshutdown iself:

A checkbox to set if another checkbox should be checked by default? Really?
Well, I'm not a designer but is this necessary? You could just save the last
state of the checkbox.

The same goes for the "Keep proportions" and the "Logfile" options in the
menubar. Put them in the settings, it should be enough.

More generally, the UI seems quite complicated for such a simple app...
(well, ok, this is out of topic ;))


Hi Nicolas,

You are right. I hate those long strings. And maybe I'll fix the other two some time with the next release. About the long one with the typos... Please just translate it correctly and I'll correct the source code and the source string in the .po's before I release qshutdown. Nothing to worry too much about.

You asked why I have these checkboxes for default settings. "Keep proportions" is actually saved via last state (and the window size etc. as well). The other checkboxes are like that because maybe the user doesn't want to for e.g. turn off the Warnings by default, but just once.

When you say that the UI seems complicated. Do you mean the whole program or the main window as well? - I know that there are quit a lot settings in the preferences...

Kind regards,
 Christian Metscher