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Re: upcoming release for qprogram-starter 1.6.5


Dear Launchpad translators,

for the strings 1 and 2 there seems to be an misunderstanding. They are not to be "translated". They are about the format of time and date that is used in each language. I edited the context for those two, so that you can easily check which characters have to be used to get the correct time or date (format!). For example there is no "S" for hour, only "h" or "H". For month there is only "M". "M" is the month as a number without a leading zero (1 to 12), "MM" is the month as a number with a leading zero (01 to 12), "MMM" will display the abbreviated localized month name (like "Jan"), "MMMM" will display the full localized month name (like "January"). For all this and more, please see the links I sent before or check the (new) context of the strings.

By the way: I'd like to upload qprogram-starter with the new translations (languages that have at least 80% translated) on the 13th or 14th this month. There are only 29 strings... The translations (which are now over 80% finished) can be checked on the PPA.

For an quick overview of the translation status:

[Language]            [untranslated, need review,   x% translated]
Azerbaijani           29, 26,  0%
Bosnian               3,  0,   90%
Bulgarian             25, 0,   14%
Chinese (Simplified)  29, 28,  0%
Croatian              5,  0,   83%
English (GB)          3,  0,   90%
French                29, 10,  0%
Galician              2,  0,   93%
German                0,  0,   100%
Hebrew                21, 0,   28%
Italian               3,  0,   90%
Malay                 2,  0,   93%
Persian               29, 21,  0%
Russian               2,  0,   93%
Spanish               25, 13,  14%
Ukrainian             2,  0,   93%

Here again the links to the PPA and the POT:

Kind regards and happy translating,
Christian Metscher

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