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upcoming release for qprogram-starter 1.6.6


Dear Launchpad translators,

I made a new design for qprogram-starter and also added a welcome dialog and an option to choose a shutdown method (if one wants to automatically shutdown after the command). Thus there are some little changes in the translations and some new strings. Since Debian testing is no longer freezed, it is possible to upload any time.
Any help in translating qprogram-starter is very welcome.

The POT is located at https://translations.launchpad.net/qt-shutdown-p/qprogram-starter-trunk/+pots/qprogram-starter

Kind regards and happy translating,
 Christian Metscher

ps: The only actual version (because of missing many translations) is available in the combined package "shutdown-qapps" at https://github.com/hakaishi/shutdown-qapps or https://code.launchpad.net/~hakaishi/qt-shutdown-p/shutdown-qapps . Instructions on building and installation can be found in the README file(s).