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What is this mailing list for? - It's not for spamming, is it?


Hi everyone!

I'm working with all of you and this mailing list together for about 3 years... and I am now wondering why I have to write a mail to this list every three days so that something happens. After about three days the translation progress stagnates. Within a year almost nothing changes, if I don't write a new mail. Why? Everyone can see the latest mails and within a month there are not many new ones. So I keep wondering, why no one checks them once in a time... They are all here: https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-translators/maillist.html

If I recall it correctly this list should be here to introduce new programs (or versions) so that the launchpad translators can throw a look at it if they are interested. But to me it recently looks like some forum where some "user" has to send mails to "push up" the "topic" every 3 days just to keep the translations going... This can't be right... is it?

Kind regards,
 Christian Metscher

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