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Re: What is this mailing list for? - It's not for spamming, is it?


2013/5/20 Christian Metscher <hakaishi@xxxxxx>

> Hi everyone!
> I'm working with all of you and this mailing list together for about 3
> years... and I am now wondering why I have to write a mail to this list
> every three days so that something happens. After about three days the
> translation progress stagnates. Within a year almost nothing changes, if I
> don't write a new mail. Why?
> Everyone can see the latest mails and within a month there are not many
> new ones. So I keep wondering, why no one checks them once in a time...
> They are all here:
> https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-translators/maillist.html
> If I recall it correctly this list should be here to introduce new
> programs (or versions) so that the launchpad translators can throw a look
> at it if they are interested. But to me it recently looks like some forum
> where some "user" has to send mails to "push up" the "topic" every 3 days
> just to keep the translations going... This can't be right... is it?
> Kind regards,
>   Christian Metscher


It is the natural thing that is a consequence of the current workflow.

Just a few comments from my experience:

1. Most of Launchpad Translators Team members never subscribe to this list.
2. Three days or something less than a week is almost an average term of
participation in the project for an average LP Translators member
(calculation is based on the data about Ukrainian team members).
3. LP lacks any notification system about changes in your favorite
projects. There is no way to configure a mail notification like it is on
Transifex or Pootle.
4. For some reason "Translations you can help complete" list on personal
page does not show your projects or even the projects of Canonical.
5. Sure, you can register some special mailing list for your project
announcements but this can decrease the project visibility and contradicts
with the idea of crowd wiki-style translation on LP.

So it is a normal thing to send the short messages into this list about
your projects as notifications (even once in a 3 days). There is no other
way to contact active translators.
Best regards,

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