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Translating Made Near Me, a world map of food products based on Open Food Facts


Hi All,
I'm putting my Open Food Facts hat on to propose a translation of Made Near
Me, a world map of food products based on Open Food Facts, which is the
Wikipedia of Food.

We already have a French and a British version of the map that lets you
visualize Open Food Facts data on a map, and see where the products you eat
come from.
We're expanding it to match Open Food Facts coverage, so we want to make it
available in all European languages (since we use and rely European
packaging codes to do the magic on the map, sorry rest of the world :-S)

A couple of **important** precisions before you proceed:
- some of the strings correspond to URLs and images: you can ingore them
them, unless you're already familiar with Open Food Facts and can change
them (for instance the social media links)
- some of the strings are for the local food authority, change them if you
know the name, ignore them otherwise


Gentle reminder that we're also looking for new translations for
(The web version of Open Food Facts)
(the Labels and claims on food packaging)
(The mobile version, not just for Android, we're porting to Firefox OS as
we speak)