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Re: Question about import of upstream translation of Gnome


Hi Walter,

У пон, 18. 09 2017. у 07:43 +0200, Walter Garcia-Fontes пише:
> This is a question about the process of importing upstream
> translations. 
> I'm a member of the team translating Ubuntu into Catalan, and I have
> been approached by the upstream coordinator of the Catalan
> translation of Gnome, asking me when and how are the translations
> imported for the upcoming release of Ubuntu 17.10. I've seen the
> milestones in the Artful release schedule, but it is not clear to me
> how it works. Right now there are a lot of untranslated strings for
> the Gnome packages in Launchpad, but the upstream translation is
> almost completely translated.

Translations for upstream projects are imported into Ubuntu as their
packages get imported.  So, for any particular Gnome package, you
should check out when was the last package import.

Eg, for


you can check out the "Overview" page, and you can see that the last
import was around September 30 (translations may sometimes be imported
with a slight delay though).

> Are these upstream Gnome translations going to be imported
> automatically into the upcoming release?

In general, yes.  Sometimes, there's a change in translation template
structure, and a .pot file (translation template) or translations will
be stuck in the approval queue (eg. gnome-shell has a few translations
waiting to be imported for languages not registered in Launchpad: https

However, for those issues it's best to email ubuntu-translators mailing
list (ubuntu-translators@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

> What about Gnome applications like rhythmbox, evolution, etc? Are the
> upstream translations imported automatically?

Only with the package imports.  At some point, Launchpad Translations
had a feature where it could automatically import translations from
upstream VCS, but it required setting up all the upstream projects and
their code imports, but nobody bothered.  Thus, I believe the feature
was nuked as unused (and hard to maintain).

> What about the,possibly, conflicting translations done directly in
> Launchpad for these packages? Are they overwritten by the upstream
> translations or do we have to do something to give priority to
> upstream translations? 

Launchpad tries to be pretty smart about conflicts.  If Ubuntu has a
translation that has been added to override an upstream translation for
a particular "message", it will keep that as a translation in Ubuntu.
 However, if there was a translation in Ubuntu for what was an
untranslated string upstream, when upstream translation comes in,
Launchpad will go back to that version.

Feel free to read up more on https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/ a
nd Ubuntu translations pages linked therein.