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Re: google.com can not be found


On 18 Dec 2008, yyt33@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I appreciate your help.
> about MTU:
> I visited some web sites including the wikipedia.
> I do not think I understood everything correctly about MTU.
> I did not customize MTU. MTU must be default setting. I think MTU is automatically set. 
> Anyway,I typed,
> ifconfig eth0 MTU 1500
> and tried to browse www.google.com , but the page can not be accessed.
> about other Google pages:
> www.google.co.jp :server can not be found
> www.google.co.nz :server can not be found
> www.google.com   :server can not be found
> I get the same result.


This list is not the right place for these questions.  If you're having
trouble reaching google from Ubuntu, try using

Martin      <http://launchpad.net/~mbp>