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Re: Website hosting for open source projects on Launchpad?


Frank Niessink <frank@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I'm considering moving the Task Coach project from Sourceforge to
> Launchpad completely, i.e. not only translations, but also source
> code, bugs, feature requests, downloads, etc. However, one of the SF
> services that the Task Coach project uses is website hosting. As far
> as I can tell Launchpad does not currently offer website hosting. Are
> there any plans to do so? If not in the near future, are there any
> alternatives you can suggest?

I looked for a ticket about this in our bug database, and was surprised
not to find one.  (Did anyone else here figure out the right search
terms and succeed in finding it?)

As you might imagine, this has been discussed (a lot) by the Launchpad
developers.  I suspect the reason it hasn't happened yet is just the
design complications -- how to offer semi-arbitrary web-editing while at
the same time preserving a consistent look-and-feel in Launchpad, and
making sure that Launchpad's features stay accessible from each project.
This doesn't mean it's impossible, just hard.

In the meantime, there's this issue...

   "Launchpad needs a wiki"

...which has somewhat fewer complications, seems likely (*) to happen
sooner, and which might address a lot of your problem.


(*) Not a committment; I'm just judging by the activity in the bug and
    general consensus that we need a wiki.

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