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Re: Launchpad: important changes to your PPA


I got this on one of teams I'm on:

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>Subject: [Nubuntu] Launchpad: important changes to your PPA
>Date: Wednesday 28 January 2009
>From: matthew.revell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: nUbuntu users <nubuntu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hello Nubuntu,
>Your Launchpad PPA: three important changes
>We have three important items of news regarding your Launchpad
>Personal Package Archive(s):
> * your PPA now has its own key and packages are now signed
> * your PPA URLs and upload paths are going to change
> * we are going to start removing deleted/superseded packages
>   from our servers.
>These changes affect PPAs owned both by individuals and teams.
>Signed PPAs
>Every PPA now has its own unique key, which Launchpad uses to
>sign the packages it builds in the archive.
>People downloading a package from your PPA can now verify that it
>hasn't been altered since Launchpad built it.
>You can find out how to add the PPA key to your Ubuntu system
>Changes to PPA URLs and upload paths
>We want to make Launchpad flexible enough that an individual or
>team can have more than one PPA. To allow for that, we need to
>make some changes now.
>With the release of Launchpad 2.2.1 (due on the 28th January),
>three things happen:
> * your PPA's upload path will change from ~user/ubuntu[/series]
>   to ~user/ppa/ubuntu[/series]
> * your PPA's overview page URL will change from
>   launchpad.net/~user/+archive to launchpad.net/~user/+archive/ppa
> * your archive's address will change from ppa.lp.net/user/ubuntu
>   to ppa.lp.net/user/ppa/ubuntu
>To make sure everyone has a chance to get used to these changes,
>there'll be a period where both the old and new URLs/paths work,
>after which we'll remove the old versions. However, you should let
>your PPA's users know about the archive address change as soon as
>Automatic removal of deleted and superseded PPA packages
>Until now, when you've deleted a package from your PPA -- or a
>newer package has superseded it -- Launchpad has kept a copy of
>the binary and made it available from your PPA overview page.
>>From now on, whenever you delete a package, or it is superseded,
>Launchpad will:
> 1. mark the package as deleted/superseded
> 2. wait 30 days
> 3. entirely remove the binary package from the PPA servers.
>You'll still have access to the build records, the only
>difference being that there'll no longer be a link to the binary.
>Important: after the release of Launchpad 2.2.1, on January 28th,
>we will start removing any packages that have been in the deleted
>or superseded state for more than 30 days.
>If you have any questions about these changes, please ask!
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This was the 1st time I've heard about this changes, didnt see anything in this list, or on meeting logs.
What lead to this changes?
I know that a 30 day trial period is provided, but why was the announce email right on the day of the changes?

Thanks and sorry for the noise.

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