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Re: Launchpad: important changes to your PPA


2009/1/29 (``-_-´´) -- BUGabundo <ubuntu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I got this on one of teams I'm on:

>>Your Launchpad PPA: three important changes

> This was the 1st time I've heard about this changes, didnt see anything in this list, or on meeting logs.
> What lead to this changes?

> I know that a 30 day trial period is provided, but why was the announce email right on the day of the changes?

Do you mean the package removal? This only applies to binary packages
that you've chosen to delete or that have been superseded by another
package, so it should have minimal impact. If you think it will have a
negative effect on your work, please tell us about it.

The reason for removing packages is simply to free up disk space. It
seems like a waste of space to be hosting packages that people have
chosen to delete or that have been superseded by a newer version.

However, if you have a specific reason why that's a problem then we're
always willing to talk about better ways of doing it.

Matthew Revell - Launchpad.net - free software collaboration and project hosting