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Re: LP (auto)building debs


On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 11:59 AM, Celso Providelo <
celso.providelo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 5:14 PM, (``-_-´´) -- BUGabundo
> <ubuntu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Just a quick question:
> >
> > I was talking to @fta on IRC about building daily debs for gwibber, and
> and idea came up.
> > would it ever be possible to have LP (auto?) building packages for some
> PPAs?
> > Either after a certain amount of commits, or time based.
> >
> > Share your thoughts. Thanks
> Possibly, it does make sense for SourcePackageBranches.
> However I see the package generation + uploading being triggered by
> users via LP API not as specifically as a scheduled-task that LP has
> to run periodically.

I totally agree. Having an API call for this would be killer. You could then
tie it into say your continuous integration system or whatever so it builds
as often as the tests are successful. If you don't have this you can always
just make a cron job or something to do the API call as often as you want.

Automatically by LP could lead to broken builds if people aren't paying
attention or forget, moreso than handling it yourself via an API.

- Mike