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Re: GNOME moving to GIT and Status of Automated Imports to LP?


Andrew wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here we go. As
> anyone following GNOME development knows, they will be shortly moving
> their development from SVN to GIT. The official announcement has just
> been made. [1]
> What are the consequences of this move on the automated VCS imports of
> GNOME projects to bzr branches on Launchpad? Will this resource
> continue? Is there any specific help needed for this transition?
> <SNIP>

Hi Andrew,

To the best of my knowledge, the "Mirrored" Branch Type in launchpad
uses Bzr for the import within the background.  Therefore, if it's
supported by Bzr it'll work as before.  As it is, Bzr supports
'read-only' of a Git branch, which is perfect for this situation.  So
once an LP Gnome team admin moves the upstream url, it /should/ all be

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker