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Re: Digest for this list?


Alan makes a great point. Gmail has excellent filtering options for
things like mailing lists. Same as Alan, I am on numerous open source
mailing lists of interests and have each one on a filter to flag the
message for the proper list and archive the message to its proper tag,
which removes it from the inbox and shows it in the tag folder as
unread. This way when I have the time to read through my emails, I
just look at the folders with numbers next to them and read the
messages with subjects the interest me. It is sort of a auto-digest of
sorts. Food for thought.

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On 3/26/09, Dominik Mayer <dominik.mayer@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> There is no such option because it's incredibly annoying when people reply
>> to
>> a digest instead of to the actual mail.  It breaks threading, and if they
>> don't snip their quotes...
> Why can't the diggest just be sent from a no reply address?
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