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syncing translations across series(es)



My project wxbanker has a 0.4 series with translations. I've since branched
and made a 0.5 series which is in development. While doing this people have
added translations to the stable 0.4 series. What is the easiest way for me
to get all the relevant newly translated languages/strings from the 0.4
series into my 0.5 series, which now of course has a different template with
some strings added and some removed?

What I think would be optimal is a translation merging system that looks at
things at a higher level than the po/mo files. If I say I want to merge
translations from series A to B, it will for each string add the translation
in B if it doesn't already exist, and overwrite it if the translation in A
is more recent than the translation in B. Of course it also wouldn't bring
over any translations from A where the string to be translated doesn't exist
in B.

Especially with the new auto-importing of templates in version control (
perhaps smarter things could be done with the actual .mo files if they too
are in version control. For example I could say I want to merge translations
from series A to B and launchpad will create a branch for me to review and
merge. Ideally, with all the relevent files hosted in launchpad code, a user
should never have to use the import/export tools in Rosetta.

It feels like there should be some sane way to accomplish merging
translations, or at least pulling everything relevant from one series into
another. Am I missing an obvious way to do this? Last time I exported from
one and imported into the other, but the import took about a week and I
think required a template to be imported with it, which doesn't make sense
in this scenario.

Thanks for any help!
Michael Rooney

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