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Upload of source-package to PPA always "hangs" at 16 KBytes


Greetings everybody!

	Trying to upload a source-package to my (~macslow/ubuntu) or the
DX-team PPA (~dx-team/ubuntu) always hangs at 16 KBytes (of 1.7 MBytes
total). Also passing -d to the dput command does not yield any further
information about what could be wrong.

The command I used looks like this:

	dput -d dx-ppa notify-osd_0.9.12-0ubuntu1_source.changes

The files in question are:


The entry in ~/.dput.cf look like this:

	fqdn = ppa.launchpad.net
	method = ftp
	incoming = ~dx-team/ubuntu
	login = anonymous
	allow_unsigned_uploads = 0

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!

Best regards ...


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