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Re: [Drizzle-discuss] Launchpad, Merge Requests, Making Do


(copying launchpad-users@ - in case someone from there has a good idea)

Brian Aker wrote:
> Hi!
> One big problem I am hitting with Launchpad is the activereviews
> interface. The problem is that once a tree "need fixes" I don't really
> have a good way of knowing if someone has made fixes or not.
> I need a page I can work from, so what I am thinking I am going to be
> doing is deleting requests on merges if the review turned  up any sort
> of rejection to the code that raises good questions. Right now this is
> the only solution I can find to keeping the list an active "this is what
> needs to be merged" list. For the last week I have been finding myself
> going back and reading comments trying to remember if a particular tree
> has been been updated. It is hard to tell if my requests, or someone
> else's requests have been answered.
> If there is a better way to work the interface, I would love to hear
> about it :)
> I'd love to have a list which was "this has been accepted" but I'm not
> seeing how to do that.

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