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Re: Marking comments on bugs as workaround?


Hi together,

personally, I enjoy working with bugs where the description is handled in a wiki-way.

What I mean:
Discussion should take place in linear, chronologic, distinct comments. This is the case right now. Whenever one adds a comment, a new post is appended to the list. This is used (and should be used) for general discussion of the topic, requests for more information, ...


Whenever some preliminary result is achieved, this result should be put in the original description. That description should not be linear, chronologic, or distinct, but be handled in a wiki-way (like articles in wikipedia) to give a consistent description. By "preliminary result" i mean precise steps to reproduce, a screenshot clarifying the issue, a workaround, relevant documentation, ...  This can be (and imho should be) done by everybody as the description is freely editable.

This is not done in many cases but would be of great benefit when
- looking for a workaround
- checking for a duplicate
- trying to reproduce an issue

There are predefined fields (like "also affects") for some of this information, but sometimes free text is required.

IMHO it would be a good thing to point the fact that everyone can edit the description at a later time. This should be emphasised by some visual element and ideally the original report should be split in two parts, the first version of the wiki-part and an initial comment. Right now this is intertwined and imho disencourages my preferred workflow because right now you have to mess around with the "personal opinion part" of the orginal post if you want to improve the wiki-part.


PS: replying to your post because i think encouraging this workflow would automatically "solve" your problem