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Re: Problems with map locations


On Fri, 2009-07-10 at 16:23 -0700, Charlie Poole wrote:
> We're seeing problems with users updating their location on
> the map. Under certain circumstances, the pointer ends up
> in the middle of Russia after clicking update. This occurred
> for one user in North America and another in Sweden.
> I suspect this has something to do with dragging at a low-res
> zoom level, then zooming in and dragging further without 
> pressing update in between but I haven't experimented with
> it systematically.
> I can try some further experiments, but I thought I'd check
> to see if this is a known problem first.

This is bug 387738 [Launchpad refuses to believe that I don't live in
Russia, near the Kazakhstan border]

Something has changed in either Google and/or geonames; our code passes
data betweenthem and has not changed in many months. This is the first
time the problem has affected users i North America and Sweden. This is
new information. All the other cases were near Greenwich, which implied
a problem near 0 longitude.

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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