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Tarmac 0.2 released!


The Tarmac team is more than pleased to announce the release of Tarmac 0.2[1].
Tarmac has received many improvements and features in the last few months,
and, thanks to the efforts of many who sprinted yesterday, Tarmac 0.2 has had
some great polish applied to it as well.

Tarmac now supports the ability to run a command on merge previous to commit,
and, should that command fail, reverts the change and alerts the user to the
failure.  Tarmac supports this through its new plugin system.  Tarmac 0.2 is
also packaged with a Commit Message Template plugin to enforce a standard
commit message on merge, and a plugin for notifying the CIA.vc service of new

Other notable features include a web interface for checking the status of
Tarmac, improved conflict handling, updated documentation, and preliminary
Windows support.  Also, Tarmac now properly attributes the author of the merge
commit to the author of the last merged revision.  For a list of all bugs
fixed, see the Tarmac 0.2 bug list[2].

[1] https://edge.launchpad.net/tarmac/+milestone/tarmac-0.2final
[2] https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/tarmac/+milestone/tarmac-0.2