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Re: [OT] Hard to use ppa.launchpad.net


>>>>> "William" == William Grant <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas
    >> which allows you to search.
    >> However, you don't seem to be able to search on package names,
    >> just on PPA descriptions...
    >> So this options doesn't really seem to answer shirish's
    >> question.

    William> It actually does search on package names too - it just
    William> doesn't say so.

OK, it is a pretty tight search.  Is there a wildcard facility?

How it does the matching is a bit unclear.  Searching for "libgphoto"
doesn't find the "libgphoto2" packages in my PPA - this is why I
originally thought it didn't work.  However, a search for
"libmeanwhile" finds my PPA based on either "libmeanwhile-dev" or

I'm guessing the search is word based?


peace & happiness,

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