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[Bug 386797] Re: Enable distributed content development


I guess it's a good idea to be a bit more active and reply to this bug

Karl, I agree that there is no reel need to keep this bug open. This is not the best place for the stuff we need to figure out but where should people go to for the more fundamental discussion? Brainstorm or maybe blueprints? As I don't really know.
Christian Reis, maybe I should ask you this, where do you have discussions about the more fundamental launchpad stuff? As this is essentially about the scope of the launchpad project as a whole. With that I mean whether launchpad is focused on the distributed development of code projects or if it's worthwhile to expand the scope with content development projects.
Building a specialized platform for game (content) development as Karl Forgel suggests might be a better option.. as it allows to keep a more clear focus. But forking launchpad has drawbacks to, mainly two codebases, a new server cloud for hosting.. it's a lot of duplicate effort and with that a high chance of failure. Even if enough content development projects would actively support such a effort.

The "business case" could be interesting for Canonical, commercial
content development (games and (animation-)movies) is a very large
market. Canonical is currently providing commercial subscriptions,
expanding this to the content market might be commercially interesting
as there is no competition.

Maybe this discussion should be separated from the more practical
discussion about the work flows that are used with team based content
development? And the specific features that would have to be implemented
in a development platform as launchpad to accommodate those work flows.

Anyway, how and where should this be discussed.

Enable distributed content development
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Bug description:
Content is the primary thing holding back the development of FOSS games and a distributed content development platform is in dire need. 

FOSS game developers need a website like launchpad (or, better yet, launchpad itself, as this bug was filed for) to allow them to share resources like sounds, textures, models, etc. 

It's a HUGE task, but so is the payoff. Here's to FOSS gaming!