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[Launchpad-users] Launchpad read-only 22.00-23.00 UTC, 22 July 2009

Launchpad will be in read-only mode for an hour on Wednesday, 22nd July
while we roll out new code.

  Going read-only:          22.00 UTC, 24 June 2009
  Expected back to normal:  23.00 UTC, 24 June 2009

There will be a couple of minutes around 22.00 UTC during which
Launchpad is unavailable while we switch into read-only mode, and then
another couple of minutes again when we switch back to read-write.

Note that's "UTC".  Actual time in your time zone may be different, and
remember Britain is in BST right now, which is 1 hour later than UTC.

Watch this list for details of the new release later this week.

-Karl Fogel

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