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Re: [Launchpad-users] [Launchpad-translators] Minor changes to handling of upstream translations


On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 4:18 PM, Danilo Åegan <danilo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Your say?
> ---------
> We are looking forward to hearing from you. ÂIs perhaps a 'changed in
> Launchpad' feature critical for you? ÂDo you think this is a great thing
> or are you worried about something? Â:)
> Cheers,
> Danilo
> Launchpad Translations team

First of all, this is great news.

Here's the information I would consider essential (I don't know
whether this will all be addressed by the current changes), based on
my experiences for the last two releases of Ubuntu:

 * For each (English) message, whether the message exists downstream
but not upstream (i.e. whether it was added in packaging)
 * For each translated message, whether the downstream translation
differs from the upstream translation
 * For each template, whether that template has automatic imports.  If
so, a link or indication of the source from which it imports

The faster synchronization times will greatly reduce the amount of
information to keep track of.  We frequently end up with a few
untranslated strings because we can't figure out when the
synchronization takes place, and which packages have been synchronized
already.  This problem will entirely disappear for packages with
automatic synchronization.  Again, great job.

Best regards

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